28 April 2008

What's Hot In Bridal Jewelry

Wedding jewelry continues to be one of the priciest piece of today's wedding accessory, and brides are trying to keep costs reasonable as this year's wedding season approaches.

Brides spend an average of $300 to $500 on jewelry for themselves and their bridesmaids. Throw in bridal tiara and hair accessories such as hair combs, clips, and pins - and you can easily hit $1,000 or more.

Bridal jewelry need not cost hundreds of dollars to be spectacular. Like a wedding dress, it can be a source of over-thinking, frustration and bank-breaking when it's likely to be used once and to live on only in pictures. There are countless wonderful bridal-worthy jewelry finds out there for $50 or less in a variety of stores such as GlamForLess.com that cater to different pocketbooks.

There are jewelry sets for $50 and less (original prices or on sale for up to 50 percent off), some of which are more lovely than their much more expensive counterparts. Most jewelry collections have the trendy red carpet look and came in styles ranging from traditional elegance to more glamorous designs.

At GlamForLess.com, for instance, there were several gorgeous jewelry sets on sale for only $19.99, some of which had originally cost hundreds of dollars. All a bride really needs is some good taste, great make-up, a killer hairdo and the right accessories to be a hit on her wedding day.

Even leading bridal magazines have featured lines of affordable bridal jewelry and accessories to show brides that having lots of money isn't the only way to have lots of style. Looking like a star doesn't always mean paying like one. Spend less and have more fun!

Here is some of our favorite bridal jewelry:

Jewelry Sets
Today, jewelry sets for weddings utilize the bigger-is-better theme as well, dripping gemstones and setting off demure necklines. Dramatic cascading pendants show-off two, three, or more linked-stones, and even classic chokers are emboldened with up to six strands of pearls.

Chandelier Earrings
The look in bridal jewelry now is bold, and the hottest trend in the spotlight is the chandelier earring. The dangling pieces of jewelry boast diamonds, pearls, or even glass beads, evoking a glamorous, Art-Deco look. Long, thin, shoulder-skimming lines are also showing up on brides, a sleek counterpart to the bold chandelier.

Cuff Bracelets
Thick silver diamond cuff bracelets are currently flashing on the runways of fashion and the red carpet. Tiny rhinestones or beads add an air of daintiness to chunky designs of semi-precious stones. The look is wide and antique, with wedding walking down the aisle with family heirlooms on their wrists for an old-fashioned, sentimental air.

Don't despair if the bold look in wedding jewelry isn't your taste. The classic stand-bys of delicate pendants, classic diamond studs, and bare wrists are always in style, But for the up-to-the-minute wedding who wants to reflect the latest look, big is definitely beautiful.

By: Uche Unachukwu
Pr-inside.com; April 15, 2008

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